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Sodalite necklace

Sodalite necklace

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A Sodalite tumble stone wrapped in a net of black wax cotton cord. These necklaces are a great way to carry gemstones with you, whether it is for the gemstones' energetic properties or if you simply like the style and the way that they look.


Most commonly associated with both the Throat chakra and the Third eye chakra, Sodalite is said to aid communication, companionship and help the wearer to think more balanced and rationally. It is said that it is a useful stone for people who do public speaking and group work.


The stone comes on an adjustable cord of approx 26inches, which can be worn anywhere from a long layer necklace to a short choker type of necklace. The cord can be adjusted from the knots which are done as a slip knot.

Each pendant will vary slightly as the stones are natural so are different sizes. The pendants are approx 2-3cm wide and 8-10cm top to bottom including the tassle part.

Jewellery makes for an excellent gift. I am always happy to send my jewellery directly to somebody for you, just let me know where you would like it to be sent. I am also happy to include a message for you so that they know who it is from, just let me know at checkout what you would like me to write for you.


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