Free Worldwide shipping on orders over £50


How much is shipping?

I ship worldwide from the UK.

I include shipping in the over all price so you won't need to pay anything extra at checkout.

However you are responsible for any customs fees or import duty into your country.

All of the silver jewellery will be posted tracked and signed for.

Delivery normally takes;
UK:1-3 working days
Europe:5-10 working days
USA: 10-15 working days

Do you accept returns?

Yes,well mostly. I don't want anybody to be unhappy with anything they have bought from me, so yes I will happily refund an order once it has been returned to me. You would be responsible for the return postage.

However I do not accept returns on earrings due to hygiene. 

Returns accepted within 30 days of delivery.

Please contact me via the contact page BEFORE you return your item.

How do I know what ring size?

I understand that getting your ring size can be a bit tricky. Especially with my chunkier rings as the sizing may need to be larger then the size you would be wearing with a thinner ring.

There are a few ways to get your ring size.

Probably the most accurate and reliable is to go to your local jeweller who should have the right tools to measure your finger accurately. It is important to let them know the width of the ring you are interested in purchasing so that they can allow for this.

You can also measure from home. If you use a tape-measure, check that it is accurate before starting. Tape measures can become stretched, even if only a little bit can make a big difference to sizes. Wrap it around your chosen finger, making sure it slides snugly over your knuckle, and then measure the millimeters. It is worth measuring more then once, and at different times of the day as your fingers change size depending of temperature.

You can also get a plastic ring sizer, these are usually cheap and can be bought from eBay. 

Do you do custom jewellery?

No, I have done custom jewellery in the past but found I got far too stressed and anxious, those things I prefer to avoid!